Club Scientific: Science has never been this much fun!

2016-2017 Club Scientific After-School Session Themes

Please note that specific session dates differ based on school. Upon entering the enrollment page for your child's school, you will be provided with the specific dates for each session.

Session A - Radical Reactions

Dates: August through October
From our stock pile of hundreds of recipes and formulas, we have chosen our top favorite chemistry activities. Students will love exploring and examining the results of these crazy chemical concoctions!

Sample Projects:
Taco Sauce Cleaner, Sizzling Foam Fountain, Rainbow Snow, and Home-made hand-warmers.

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Session B - Eerie Experiments

Dates: October through November
Eerie, creepy, and spooky science! In our special "Halloween" themed session, students learn the science behind some of the spookiest experiments in the world!

Sample Projects:
Build-a-Skeleton, Mummified Apples, Zombie Makeup.

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Session C - Biology Brainiacs

Dates: November through January
This session is all about the life and living organisms. Students will learn about how some living things can be very large (whales & elephants), while others are very small (bacteria & viruses).

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Session D - Launch Into Space!

Dates: January through March
3...2...1... BLAST OFF! In this energetic session, students will learn about how rockets fly, where they go, and what happens when they get to space. If your child loves space, this session is sure to delight and inspire!

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Session E - Veterinary Science

Dates: March through April
Who wouldn't want to become a veterinarian? They just get to play with puppies all day, right? Not quite, but pretty close! In this session students will learn more about what Veterinarians do to help animals, study some basic animal anatomy, and even some first-aid tips for pets at home!

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Session F - Beach Bash

Dates: April through May
Let's face it, as soon as Spring Break is over, the only thing on student minds is Summer! So why fight it? This session is all about the things that make Summer... Summer! Students will learn about UV radiation, the changing of the seasons, and maybe even learn how to make the best sand-castle!

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