Club Scientific: Science has never been this much fun!

2017-2018 Club Scientific After-School Session Themes

Please note that specific session dates differ based on school. Upon entering the enrollment page for your child's school, you will be provided with the specific dates for each session.

Session A - Extreme Engineering

Dates: August through October
Construct your own crazy contraptions as we learn how to ENGINEER our way out of some sticky situations! Students will learn the basics of Engineering as we build our own Slingshot Car, an “Extendo-Grabber”, and incredible drinking straw structures!

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Session B - Creepy Chemistry

Dates: October through November
Join us for another exciting Halloween-themed session, as we perform a brand-new set of spooky experiments! Students will engage in activities such as Glow-in-the-dark chemistry, UV Black light reactions, Halloween Candy experiments, and more!

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Session C - Spin Central!

Dates: November through January
Get your hands off the Fidget Spinner, and onto some SCIENCE! Join us as we explore the awesome physics behind spinning objects! Students will learn the science behind Yo-Yo’s, make their own “Illusion Spinners”, Balloon Powered Helicopters, and more!

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Session D - Jurassic Adventure

Dates: January through March
Travel back in time as we explore the incredible world of the Dinosaurs! Live the life of a Paleontologist as we crack open some ancient geodes, excavate a fossilized Diving Beetle, create fossil replicas, and more!

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Session E - Magnetic Attractions

Dates: March through April
Magnets! How do they work? We’ll teach you when you sign up for this fun session about the science of Magnetism! Students will learn magnetic attraction and repulsion, how an “electromagnet” works, and how we can use this knowledge to perform “magnetic levitation!”

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Session F - Slime Time!

Dates: April through May
Pop Quiz: What’s ooey, gooey, and gets kids excited about Science? It’s SLIME! Join us as we put a new twist on the classic slime recipes! We will make “Fluffy” slime, Putty slime, and even a super-special UV-reactive slime that will blow you away!

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