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Camp Jr. Space Engineer - (Ages 6-8)

Cost: Full Day - $285/week, Half Day - $140
Using LEGO® bricks, campers will design and build structures and space vehicles for living on far away planets. Campers will utilize a variety of LEGO® bricks including motors, gears, lights, and sensors. Space Engineer includes instruction on the Earth, Moon, stars, and planets as well as the scientific topics of force, friction, simple machines, and gravity. Campers will also join the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to learn about propulsion, friction and more. Counselors will assign specific projects each day that include: a rotating satellite, space buggy, a stunning spaceship, terrestrial homes that can withstand alien atmospheres and a host of other exciting projects. Campers will work in teams to complete their missions. Full-day Camps also include two separate ESTES® rocket builds, and an epic launch demonstration on the final day of camp!

Sample Projects:
"Shuttle Express" Rocket Build & Launch, Building a Weather Satellite, Lego WeDo 2.0 Robot Builds & Programming, and more!

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Camp Robot Inventor - (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $285/week plus $35 Lab Fee

Campers will learn about the Science of Robotics with information on famous inventors, major innovations, and breakthroughs and advances in robot history. Newton's Laws will be emphasized all week and each camper will receive three Robot Kits to work on. Campers will be able to take home their remote controlled robots!

For the 2018 Summer Camp season, We will be featuring our 4–Motor Robotic Arm kit and the 14–in–1 Solar Robot. In addition to these projects campers will be learning how to solder with our "Blinky Bot" soldering project. These are skills which are a MUST for anyone taking courses in robotics or electronics.

Sample Projects:
The 4–Motor Robotic Arm kit is a fully controllable robotic arm that can be used to "pick and place" objects, just like real industrial robotic arms. Students will build the entire arm piece–by–piece, following the instructors to ensure that no one gets left behind. Once complete students will use the wired controller to perform tests with the arm, to determine its limitations, accuracy, and lifting capability, before they take it home at the end of the week!
The 14–in–1 Solor Robot kit is an innovative solar powered science kit that can be re–configured into fourteen different robots, and energized via direct sunlight or micro rechargeable battery.

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Camp Deep Space - (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $285/week
Camp Deep Space is a Lego Robotics and Rocketry camp, that takes campers to the edge of the universe on a mission to make a distant planet habitable for humans using LEGO® Mindstorms® Robotics kits. Our videos and animations help campers build and learn programming, tackle building challenges, and hone their robotic and project planning skills. Science factoids are interspersed throughout, accompanying engineering design activities tied into space exploration. Camp Deep Space’s curriculum has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Academy. Campers will work in teams to complete their missions. As an extra bonus, campers construct and launch two of their very own Estes® Rockets. Campers will take their rockets home with them. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s rocket launch.

Sample Projects:
2 Different ESTES Model Rocket Builds & Launches, Advanced Robotic Programming, "Auto-Pilot" Robotic Navigation, The Science of Terraforming, and more!

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*Note - Due to expense of LEGO® components, robotic projects and materials cannot be taken home.