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Camp Movie Maker (NEW for 2018!)

Cost: $285/week

Calling all future Movie Directors and YouTubers! Join us for an exciting week as we explore the world of film–making. Campers will learn about script–writing, set design, cinematography, the basics of photography, internet safety, lighting, and more! Campers will have the opportunity to use our professional "vlogger gear" as they experiment with our video stabilization, lighting, and microphone rigs. Campers will also learn about Green Screen special effects!

Sample Projects:
Internet Safety & Privacy, Make Your Own "Unboxing Video", Cinematography ()"Framing the Shot"), Drone Photography, Video Stabilization, and more!

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Camp Extreme Engineering (NEW for 2018!)

Cost: $285/week

Design - Build - Test - Repeat! Come join us for a week of EXTREME Engineering challenges! Campers will learn the basics of the Engineering Design Process as they build all sorts of crazy contraptions, and compete in a Bridge-Building Competition that goes on all week long! Campers will learn about Structural and Materials Science, as they compare the strengths of different materials and shapes by performing both non-destructive and destructive testing, all with the goal of improving their Engineering Designs.

Sample Projects:
Balsa Wood Bridge Building, The Basics of 3D Printing, Break It! (Structural Testing), Intro to CAD (Computer Aided Design), and more!

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Camp Deep Space

Cost: $285/week

Camp Deep Space is a Lego Robotics and Rocketry camp, that takes campers to the edge of the universe on a mission to make a distant planet habitable for humans using LEGO® Mindstorms® Robotics kits. Our videos and animations help campers build and learn programming, tackle building challenges, and hone their robotic and project planning skills. Science factoids are interspersed throughout, accompanying engineering design activities tied into space exploration. Camp Deep Space’s curriculum has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Academy. Each morning, Campers will work in teams to build and program a new rocket to accomplish a new mission. Each afternoon, campers work on the construction and launch of two of their very own Estes® Rockets. Campers will take their rockets home with them. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s rocket launch.

Sample Projects:
2 Different ESTES Model Rocket Builds & Launches, Advanced Robotic Programming, "Auto-Pilot" Robotic Navigation, The Science of Terraforming, and more!

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Camp CSI – Forensics

Cost: $285/week

Calling all future Crime Scene Investigators! Campers will learn how law enforcement professionals solve crimes and analyze evidence. We'll use many of the same tools used by professionals to collect evidence from our mock crime scenes. Campers will learn how a crime is actually solved using the science of Forensics, and learn how Biology, Chemistry and Physics plays a major role in the investigation! Campers use microscopes to analyze fibers, use facial composite software, and more!

Sample Projects:
Blood Analysis; Fiber, Handwriting, Fingerprinting, and DNA Analysis!

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Camp Robot Inventor (Updated for 2018!)

Cost: $285/week plus $35 Lab Fee

Campers will learn about the Science of Robotics with information on famous inventors, major innovations, and breakthroughs and advances in robot history. Newton's Laws will be emphasized all week and each camper will receive three Robot Kits to work on. Campers will be able to take home their remote controlled robots!

For the 2018 Summer Camp season, We will be featuring our 4–Motor Robotic Arm kit and the 14–in–1 Solar Robot. In addition to these projects campers will be learning how to solder with our "Blinky Bot" soldering project. These are skills which are a MUST for anyone taking courses in robotics or electronics.

Sample Projects:
The 4–Motor Robotic Arm kit is a fully controllable robotic arm that can be used to "pick and place" objects, just like real industrial robotic arms. Students will build the entire arm piece–by–piece, following the instructors to ensure that no one gets left behind. Once complete students will use the wired controller to perform tests with the arm, to determine its limitations, accuracy, and lifting capability, before they take it home at the end of the week!
The 14–in–1 Solor Robot kit is an innovative solar powered science kit that can be re–configured into fourteen different robots, and energized via direct sunlight or micro rechargeable battery.

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Camp Special Effects

Cost: $285/week

One of our most popular camps!! In our Special Effects camp; campers learn the science behind Hollywood's special effects. Activities will demonstate concepts related to light, sound, perception, illusion, and set building. Campers will also learn various special effect make-up techniques working with the same materials used by professional make-up artists to simulate cuts, bruises, artificial blood, and old age. Is there a future movie director living in your house? Students will WORK IN GROUPS OF TWO while designing their stop-motion films - please make sure to let your child know they will work with a partner while designing their stop-motion creations. We'll also learn about green screens as we write scripts and act out our own newscast!

Sample Projects:
Green Screen Photography, Zombie Make-up Tutorial, Foley Effects, Stop Motion Photography, Make-up Contest, and more!

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Camp Emergency Medicine

Cost: $285/week

Campers learn about important life saving techniques including first aid and CPR. Explore the structures and physiology of the amazing human body. Career opportunities are discussed as campers meet a real nursing professional (depending on availability). Each camper will receive a stethoscope and certificate at the end of the week.

Sample Topics:
Germ theory of disease, fevers and bacteria, using medical instruments, triage and diagnosis, blood pressure, and more!

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Camp Game Developer

Cost: $285/week

Unleash your child's imagination as they learn to code with both click-and-drag and text-based programming languages! Campers, ages 9-12, will learn to create video games with just a click of a mouse, while also learning the "logic" of coding. Campers design several uniquely playable games without needing any programming knowledge or prior artistic skills.

Sample Topics:
Elements of Game Design, SCRATCH & Stencyl Programming, Coding in Python, and much more!

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Camp Emergency Vet

Cost: $285/week

One of our most popular camps! This camp is a young person’s ticket to the world of Veterinary Medicine. Our lessons will give young vets an opportunity to look into the exciting careers of real veterinarians, and allow them to be involved in related hands-on activities and experiments. Each camper will receive his or her very own medical kit.
*Please note: Animals may be present at camp - this camp is not recommended for campers who have cat/dog allergies. Campers are NOT to bring their own pets to camp.*

Sample Topics:
Sheep heart dissection, DNA extraction, Clinical procedure, Diseases and Parasites, First Aid, Dental care, and much more!

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Camp Chef Scientific

Cost: $275/week plus $35 Lab Fee

Lots of NEW, delicious recipes this year! Our camp chefs will explore basic kitchen safety, learn to take proper measurements while cooking, and will learn the science behind cooking! Chefs will make their own recipes and take home extras to share with their families when available. This is a course for beginning "Chefs", and will include a variety of breakfast, dessert, and party recipes. With supervision from our camp counselors, campers will use ovens, hotplates, blenders, and more as they prepare their dishes. *If your child has dietary restrictions or allergies please include that information on your online registration form*

Sample Topics:
Homemade Ice Cream, Extract Iron from Cereal, Homemade Pretzels, Rock Candy Experiment, and much more!

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